Horses in Training

Brian Boranha (A.K.A Brian)
2011 Bay Gelding by Brian Boru ex Tapneiram

Mrs Kate Young

Clova Hotal (A.K.A Rolo)
2018 Bay Gelding by Sixties Icon ex Simply Mystic

Mrs J A Niven

Early Morning Dew
2016 Chestnut Gelding by Muhtathir ex Rosee Matinale

Hard Held Partnership and R J Marley

Grand Mario (A.K.A Mario)
2017 Chestnut Gelding by Nom De D'La ex Nina La Belle 

P D Niven & M Niven

Hurstwood (A.K.A Woody)
2017 Grey Gelding by Dark Angel ex Haigh Hall

Hard Held Partnership & Angus Racing

2014 Bay Gelding by Malinas ex Mystic Glen

Clova Syndicate & Mrs J A Niven 

Minute Waltz (A.K.A Pop)
2017 Bay Mare by Sixties Icon ex Mystic Glen

Mrs K Richardson & Mrs J A Niven

Misty Mani (A.K.A Crackle)
2015 Bay Mare by Sulamani ex Mystic Glen

Mrs K Young & Mrs J A Niven

Ontherouge (A.K.A Cracker)
2018 Bay Gelding by Sixties Icon ex Simply Rouge

Mrs J A Niven, Angus Racing Club & Rumpole Partnership

Simply Mani (A.K.A Jaffa)
2012 Chestnut Gelding by Sulamani ex Simply Mystic

Mrs J A Niven & Angus Racing Club 

Storm Force One (A.K.A Pip)
2016 Bay Mare by Schiaparelli ex Force In The Wings

Hedley, Little, Sharkey & Tomkins

Sugar Baby (A.K.A Parrot)
2018 Bay Gelding by Monsieur Bond ex Sugar Town

Angus Racing Club & P D Niven

Wicklow Warrior (A.K.A Buddy)
2015 Bay Gelding by Sleeping Indian ex Vale of Clova

P D Niven